Os principais álbuns com suas respectivas letras estão organizados abaixo. As músicas de coletâneas, b side, remixes, dentre outros não estão nesta lista, porque só repetem as letras já existentes.

It’s Better to Travel Kaleidoscope World
01 Breakout
02 Twilight World (Superb Superb Mix)
03 After Hours
04 Blue Mood
05 Surrender
06 Fooled By A Smile
07 Communion
08 It’s Not Enough
09 Theme (From It’s Better To Travel)
10 Breakout (NAD Mix)
11 Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix)
12 Twilight World (Remix)
13 Communion (Instrumental)


01 You On My Mind
02 Where In The World
03 Forever Blue
04 Heart For Hire
05 Tainted
06 Waiting Game
07 Precious Words
08 Masquerade
09 Between Strangers
10 The Kaleidoscope Affair
11 Precious Words (Instrumental)
12 Forever Blue (String Mix)
13 Masquerade (Instrumental Mix)


Get In Touch With Yourself Live At The Jazz Cafe
01 Get In Touch With Yourself
02 Notgonnachange
03 Am I The Same Girl?
04 Everyday Crime
05 Who Let The Love Out?
06 I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You
07 Understand
08 Circulate
09 Love Child
10 Incomplete Without You
11 Don’t Say A Word
12 Everyday Crime (Instrumental)


01 Get In Touch With Yourself
02 You On My Mind
03 Surrender
04 Everyday Crime
05 Twilight World
06 Circulate
07 Am I The Same Girl?
08 Breakout
09 Notgonnachange

Who Let The Love Out / Expansions / Coney Island Man / Wives And Lovers

The Living Return Shaped And Patterns
01 Better Make It Better
02 Don’t Let Yourself Down
03 Ordinary People
04 Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool
05 Don’t Give Up On A Good Thing
06 Making The Right Move
07 La La (Means I Love You)
08 Feel Free
09 Stop And Think It Over
10 That’s The Way It Goes
11a All In Your Mind
11b O Pesadelo Dos Autores
12 Low Down Dirty Business


01 Somewhere In The World
02 Here And Now
03 We Could Make It Happen
04 Shapes And Patterns
05 Better Make It Better
06 Something Out Of This World
07 Joe’s Meek Cat
08 Stoned Soul Picnic
09 You Already Know
10 Always
11 Now You’re Not Here
12 Icy Cold As Winter
13 Shapes And Patterns (Reprise)


Filth And Dreams Somewhere Deep In The Night
01 Who’s Been Sleeping
02 Closer Than The Sun
03 Sugar Free
04 Filth And Dreams
05 Happy When You’re High
06 If I Had The Heart
07 When Morning Comes
08 Invisible
09 World Out Of Control
10 Make You Stay


01 Through The Sky
02 Will We Find Love
03 Somewhere Deep In The Night
04 The Vital Thing
05 What Kind Of Fool Are You?
06 Suspended In Time
07 Alpine Crossing
08 Fool Tag
09 Where The Hell Did I Go Wrong?
10 Non E Vero Ma Ci Credo
11 Touch Me Now
12 The Vital Thing
13 Where Do I Go?
14 Now Listen To Me


Where Our Love Grows Live In Tokyo
01 Love Won’t Let You Down
02 Where Our Love Grows
03 When The Laughter Is Over
04 Certain Shades Of Limelight
05 From My Window
06 Caipirinha
07 Where Our Love Grows (A Capella)
08 Let The Stars Shine
09 We’ll Find A Place
10 Happy Ending
11 La Source
12 Love Won’t let You Down (More Love)


01 Surrender – World Out Of Control
02 Get In Touch With Yourself
03 La La (Means I Love You)
04 Sugar Free
05 Stoned Soul Picnic
06 Closer Than The Sun – Forever Blue
07 Heaven Only Knows
08 Filth And Dreams
09 Now You’re Not Here – No Scubs
10 Am I The Same Girl
11 Breakout – When Morning Comes
12 Twilight World


Beautiful Mess Outras Músicas
01 Something Every Day
02 Time Tracks You Down
03 Butterfly
04 My State of Mind
05 I’d Be Happy
06 Butterfly Lullaby
07 Secret Love (You’re Invisible)
08 All I Say, All I Do
09 Out There
10 Beautiful Mess
11 Butterfly (Little Wizard Mix)
12 Something Every Day (Little Wizard Mix)
Another Lost Weekend
Dirty Money
Taxi Town
The Windmills Of Your Mind
Wake Me When It’s Over
Who’s To Blame